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Center For Holistic Healthcare

We merge holistic healthcare and technology to help transform your health with creative solutions.

Sexual Wellness
Sexual Wellness
Specifically designed to enhance a woman's sexual pleasure, Cliovana enhances arousal, sensitivity, and orgasm quality using sound wave technology.
Contour Light
Contour Light
Burn hard-to-lose fat and lose 4-6 inches in one session. Red light therapy also can help inflammation, pain relief, migraines and many more chronic conditions.
Look and feel your best with regenerative therapies including bioidentical hormone optimization, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), microneedling and more.
IV Therapy
IV Therapy
IV therapy is customized to your goals. Sharpen your mind, repair your DNA, reverse aging, boost your metabolism, and combat fatigue with NAD IV therapy.

Ketamine Therapy Can Help Provide Rapid Relief

We offer this powerful treatment to patients with chronic pain and mood conditions. Unlike traditional medications for mood conditions, ketamine infusion therapy doesn’t take 4-6 weeks to start working. About 75% of patients report significant improvement within two weeks, and many report immediate relief.

The days of waiting weeks or months for relief are over. If you or a loved one are dealing with the symptoms of a mood or pain disorder we can help.


Open a window into your mind to understand and quantify memory loss, cognitive impairment and other stress-related neurological conditions.

Hormone Therapy

Unbalanced hormones in men and women can affect the quality of our lives with many unwanted symptoms including hot flashes, weight gain and more.

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We offer a place for healing with a holistic healthcare approach

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I highly recommend Alina and her staff! Extremely courteous, clean and her treatments are EFFECTIVE!!

Jessica T
Homepage Medical Elementor

Alina and her practitioners specialize in working with child, adolescent and adult clients who need a mindful and holistic approach to improving their overall health.

Wendy K

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